Summer 2019 Favorites

When I was filling out the baby book for my first child, one of the prompts was “List famous people or headlining current events.” I remember thinking that Brangelina couldn’t be that specific to 2007 because it sort of felt like they’d been a thing for a while and probably would be on the front... Continue Reading →

To the Moms Who Stayed

I struggle with Mother’s Day. I’ve blogged about it before. It’s a Big Day and I struggle with Big Days in general. I have a similarly turbulent relationship with my birthday and I long to skip it every year. Something about the pressure to feel happy and delighted with yourself all day long is just... Continue Reading →

How Can I Help? A Requested Blog

After I posted about a horrible night in a parking lot that came close to landing me in the hospital, I received a text from a friend. “So how do you help?” she asked me. “What are the right things to do if you want to help?”

12 Lessons in 12 Years (of Marriage)

Guys. I know that I have that youthful glow and everything, but I've been married for a dozen years this November. Can you even believe it? My marriage is old enough for puberty. How's that for disturbing? Yeah, speaking of blemishes, I feel like I've learned a lot of things over the last dozen years.... Continue Reading →

The Not Bad, Very Good, Sort of Horrible Day(s)

Good days are a mental battle too. "Don’t make jokes or send that funny thing to your friend or be your normal sarcastic self. They will feel whiplashed when every part of you curls into itself tomorrow, or whenever that happens again." "Dilute yourself down to some kind of halfway point. Find a new “normal” that slices away the most vibrant parts of yourself because you can’t be counted on to maintain that persona. The fun one. The one that people have and/or will come to expect of you."

There’s Something About Joe

I've lost count of the times I've heard that. "There's something about Joe." "My husband didn't want to come to this event unless Joe was coming." "There's just something endearing about him." "He is nothing like what I expected of a child with sensory integration problems." "I love him. He brings so much joy." "Okay... Continue Reading →

Weekend Roundup

Weekending hard right now, guys. Messy bun. Computer. Blanket. To be fair, I do have makeup on and I'm dressed and I have been productive. I'm just not being productive right now. I've seen this on other blogs and it's something I would love to feature here as a fun, light end-of-the-week or weekend installment.... Continue Reading →

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